Eat With The Seasons – Book and Pen Bundle


Green Friday Mindful Gift Idea. 🍂
A signed copy of my book Eat With The Seasons with a handmade, refillable, Ashgrove Woodcrafts pen (pictured here).


Ashgrove Woodcrafts is a local woodcraft maker also based here in Cork. Over the past few years I have been using these gorgeous handmade wooden pens for my writing and journaling, as I love their uniqueness and the fact the wood used to make them comes from a variety of local wood. As my book has the added element of also being a journal, both teamed together make for a fantastic gift idea! So for a limited time this month this book and pen bundle will be available here in my online store.

~ Each pen comes in a black suede sleeve
~ Black ink, with pen refill type widely available
About the Book:

When we understand our personal relationships with food we give ourselves a better chance to live more healthily and harmoniously in the ebb and flow of the seasonal cycles of the year. The Celt Mindful Eating Model and variety of exercises developed in ‘Eat With The Seasons’ intends to instil a greater sense of daily gratitude and joy drawing from this nurturing ebb and flow of the seasonal cycles. We all eat, be it for pleasure, punishment, to survive or thrive. ‘Eat With The Seasons‘ is designed to help develop a greater daily balance in the journey through life. Navigating and aligning our ‘North Star’ and balancing the scales in terms of emotional eating patterns will be a game changer for anyone seeking to better understand their relationship with food.

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