Mental Health for Millennials Vol.5



The purpose of this DocCheck.Com Mental Health For Millennials Series is to encourage us all to read current material on various themes related to millennial life that is grounded in experience, with a backdrop in theory, written in a style that is fully accessible, interesting and genuinely meaningful to the daily experiences of us all. This is book five of our series with two more books scheduled to follow (2017-2023). Guest chapters are included in this book because the theme of resilience, in the context of millennials, deserves greater attention.

With the global pandemic of COVID-19, we have all been forced to look into ourselves, to draw from our resiliency (the theme of this book) and to reimagine how and why we engage as we do with the world and our communities. This is as true for millennials as for any other demographic.

The aspiration is that these books will facilitate readers to understand in a little more detail, the dynamics of millennial life as it is experienced, through providing frameworks for conceptualization and practice.

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