My Ethos

In 2018 The Culinary Celt was born out of my love of food, nature, and my want to share knowledge and back to basic truths about food. Having experienced first hand the various negative relationships that many people have with food my work involves helping others to rediscover a more positive love, appreciation and understanding around it.

Well-balanced diets can be a great way to create a sense of balanced wellness. So with this in mind I use my passion for food to educate others on how it can fuel the body and provide the vitality and energy needed to both mentally and physically look and feel good. For me being health is all about having a balanced lifestyle.

My Food Philosophy

I am not someone that advocates a particular type of diet. I prefer to explore our wealth of natural food sources, whilst also appreciate that everyone has differing requirements when it comes to food depending on their lifestyles. However, one criteria I do have when it comes to food is I try to avoid processed goods as much as possible, eat with the seasons and buy from local producers. I believe that our bodies function best if the food we eat comes from the locality that we live in, as there is a constant interaction between body and the earth that is very important of our overall health and wellbeing.