Milleens Cheese Ltd

Quinlan Steele – Head Bottle Washer, The Big Cheese, Director

Can you give me a sentence that captures the essence of your brand?

Family business. As a child Milleens was like a 3rd parent. As a parent Milleens is like a 3rd child. A family business is almost like another family member.

How did your career pathway bring you to this point in the business?

Unexpectedly. Growing up I never intended on taking over the family business. However looking back I realise I am very lucky to have done so. Originally, I’d pursued a career in journalism, before coming back to the family farm.

When did you consider yourself a success?

When I realised I was happy with my lot.

What advice would you give a younger version of yourself?

‘There is a fear of you’ – that’s a local phrase meaning you’ve nothing to worry about.

What challenges does your industry face?

Brexit, covid & climate change. Steep challenges, so we got to keep the chin up and crack on.

How do you push through your worst times?

One step at a time. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The work load and skill set is incredibly broad. Whether its filing payslips with revenue, having a hygiene audit or fixing equipment. You need to either be able or know who can do it.

Have you recently developed any new innovative products?

A year ago we used some Buffalo milk to make Milleens, it was good fun working with a different milk, we have also started seasonally producing Camembeara, a bloomy rind Milleens available in the summer.

Where are your products stocked?

We are available in – On the Pigs back in the English Market Cork, the Little Cheese Shop in Dingle. On Sheridans cheese counters. From Mikes fancy cheese and Millbank farmshop in Northern Ireland. We are also available on most good cheese counters in Supervalu and also in the bigger Tesco stores, we are also in the green label cheese section in Dunnes Stores.

Since the pandemic began our export market collapsed and has yet to be resurrected so you won’t find much Milleens outside Ireland.

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