Eat With The Seasons




This book is designed to empower you with practical and meaningful ways to self-reflect and recognise personal eating patterns in tune with nature and the four varied seasons of the year, enabling a more overall positive relationship with food.

~ Cost includes nationwide postage throughout Ireland.



When we understand our personal relationships with food we give ourselves a better chance to live more healthily and harmoniously in the ebb and flow of the seasonal cycles of the year.

The Celt Mindful Eating Model and variety of exercises developed in ‘Eat With The Seasons’ intends to instil a greater sense of daily gratitude and joy drawing from this nurturing ebb and flow of the seasonal cycles.
We all eat, be it for pleasure, punishment, to survive or thrive. ‘Eat With The Seasons‘ is designed to help develop a greater daily balance in the journey through life. Navigating and aligning our ‘North Star’ and balancing the scales in terms of emotional eating patterns will be a game changer for anyone seeking to better understand their relationship with food.

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